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Rehab Inbound Calls & Web Leads

We help rehab centers gain more clients and grow their business with highly converting rehab leads. We generate rehab inbound phone calls through Google Adwords, Bing Ads, Facebook Ads, TV, radio, billboards, and SEO techniques. We have been delivering real-time and exclusive rehab inbound calls for more than five years.

DOPPCALL provides high-quality, filtered, and substantial inbound phone calls and web leads. We target rehab inpatient customers through different online marketing channels. The customers discover our ad online and dial the number from the ads. Our system will automatically route the customer phone call in real time to your treatment call center and your agent can assist the customer.

It’s time to stop wasting time on bad leads or non-working marketing methods. Let us help you to drive rehab inpatient treatment calls to your center.

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The future is Pay-per-call, but what exactly is it?

Pay per call is when a business pays to receive an inbound phone call from a potential customer. Pay-per-call campaigns are geared toward highly motivated prospects and can quickly generate High-quality Rehab leads. As the prospect is high intent, pay-per-call generates significantly improved conversion rates over traditional marketing.

With the prospect instantly connected to your experienced sales team, you have the opportunity to offer a solution to an immediate problem they are facing.

In the US, over 81% of the population has a smartphone. Based on that data and the data regarding the number of Americans with addictions, which equates to over 15 million potential clients, you just have to reach out to them. A survey conducted by Google found that 86% of people seeking rehab treatment used Google search as a primary method of finding a suitable treatment center.

How Do We Generate Rehab Calls and Leads?

We can generate the highest quality inbound calls for your treatment center using targeted search engine advertising such as Google ads, Bing ads, and the latest SEO techniques. Use our experience to build a connection between your prospective clients and your services.

Inbound Calls: Consumer initiated calls directly route to your call center. These customers are highly motivated to get rehab inpatient or outpatient treatments.

Web Leads: We can drive Rehab real time leads through host/post API or Google Sheets. Our leads are 100% exclusive and only sold once.

See all our marketing channels below:

  • Search Ads (Google, Bing etc)
  • SEO
  • Social Media Ads (Facebook, Instagram, Tiktok, Youtube, Snapchat etc)
  • TV
  • Radio
  • Display Ads
  • Native Ads
  • Printing Ads

Ready To Buy Rehab Calls and Leads?

Let us help you fill your treatment center. We can use our industry experience to acquire a constant flow of quality addiction treatment inbound calls and web form leads. There are no setup costs or long-term commitments.

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Let us help you to achieve your goals

Here at DOPPCALL, we excel at connecting rehab centers with millions of people who are ready to start their treatment. Our experienced marketers target these motivated prospects using online ads and have them call you. You won't have to waste money or time chasing dead-end leads. We have helped many centers get high quality rehab inbound calls and web leads that converted to new patients and achieved their admission goals. Let us do the same for your business and accelerate revenue.

Benefits of Working with DOPPCALL


You can get 4% - 8% VOB and 1% - 2% Admits from our calls. Generate high volume sales while consistently hitting your target metrics.


Pay only for qualified inbound calls or leads. Our call pricing varies state to state, buffer time and many other factors. Please contact us to get a pricing quote.

Calls Volume

We are generating 10,000+ rehab calls per month. So get access now to our huge call inventory.

Call Tracking

We use Ringba for call tracking solutions. You will have access to real time call reports such as caller ID, timestamp, call duration, call recordings etc. There is no set up charge and you can use our tracking tool for free.


Our dedicated team will assist you to get most possible results for your business.


With over six years of experience in providing high-quality Rehab leads, you can be confident you are teaming up with the best in the business.