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Meet Our DOPPCALL team

At DOPPCALL, we are a team of dedicated professionals who are passionate about pay-per-call marketing. With over 6 years of experience, we've worked with more than 500 clients so far. Our maximum buyer gets 200% ROI every time. We have access to more than 50,000 publishers globally.

Who We Are

DOPPCALL is a Pay Per Call affiliate network that brings publishers and advertisers together. We help businesses acquire more clients without extra cost and help publishers earn commissions. With 5 years of experience in advertising, Our network consists of more than 50,000 publishers and 500+ advertisers in 200+ countries.

Yasin Arafat

Founder & CEO

Yasin Arafat, the visionary Founder and CEO of DOPPCALL, is the mastermind behind our high-quality business strategies. His plans  align seamlessly with the long term success of all your businesses. He leads and motivates our exceptional team, driving employee engagement and cultivating a high-performing managerial force. DOPPCALL's journey under his guidance leverages the latest tools and techniques to connect leads with businesses seamlessly through phone calls, drawing from diverse traffic sources, and employing cutting-edge SEO techniques.

Meet Our Team

At DOPPCALL, our success is built on the dedication and expertise of our exceptional team. We take pride in introducing the individuals who make it all possible:

Abdullah Al Masud

VP Of Business Development

Abdullah Al Masud, our VP of Business Development, is the architect of our growth-focused business strategy. He diligently monitors sales progress to ensure our corporate goals are met. With over 10 years of experience and a bachelor's degree in marketing, Abdullah deals with client relationship management, professional services, business development, team leadership, human resources, and sales. Currently, he is also managing our team of lead generation specialists and oversees our accounts section. His vision and strategic prowess complement DOPPCALL's mission of connecting businesses with leads effectively.

Chowdhury Sadia Nishat

Sales Manager - PI & Mass Torts

Meet Chowdhury Sadia Nishat, the newest Sales Manager at DOPPCALL AFFILIATE NETWORK. Holding a degree in law, Sadia is poised to guide law firms in securing leads for personal injury and mass tort cases. Beyond her primary role, she is tasked with managing sales, boosting revenue, and delivering unparalleled support to DOPPCALL clients, ensuring their utmost satisfaction and success. Her dedication and expertise make her an integral part of our mission to connect clients with the opportunities they need to thrive.

Najmun Nahar

Sales Manager - Insurance

Meet Najmun Nahar, our Sales Manager at DOPPCALL AFFILIATE NETWORK, who shines in the insurance sector. Najmun is adept at securing inbound calls and leads for insurance agencies and companies, focusing on ACA, Medicare, final expense, and auto insurance plans. Beyond her marketing savvy, she excels in managing client accounts, promptly assisting with any queries, and guiding them towards success. Najmun's commitment to client success and her ability to drive results underscore her vital role in our team.

Md Ariful Islam

Senior Affiliate Manager

Md Ariful Islam is our lead-generation virtuoso. He identifies opportunities in target markets, generates leads through the latest online and traditional marketing strategies, and nurtures key customer relationships. His talents thrive in acquiring potential publishers for the company and connect them with high-paying leads. He also assists publishers with campaign details and all their queries. While leading the affiliate management team, Ariful remains at the forefront of industry developments and keeps a vigilant eye on competitors' positioning. His expertise ensures DOPPCALL consistently assesses client needs and delivers excellence in lead generation.

Mehedi Hasan

Affiliate Manager

Mehedi Hasan, our Affiliate Manager, is Ariful's trusted support in identifying market opportunities and generating leads through SEO-based marketing strategies. He assists in nurturing key customer accounts, acquiring publishers, and staying updated with industry trends. Mehedi's dedication helps DOPPCALL assess client needs, answer their queries accurately, design lead generation campaigns, and effectively follow up on new leads and referrals.

Bin Yeamin

Affiliate Manager

Bin Yeamin is the new Affiliate Manager at DOPPCALL Affiliate Network. Bin brings a new level of strength to our team with his expertise in nurturing key publisher accounts and acquiring publishers. He stays on top of industry trends and is adept at assisting publishers in selecting suitable campaigns and navigating the approval process. Bin is committed to addressing any queries our publishers may have, ensuring a smooth and successful partnership.

Rabbi Islam Soikot

Account & QC Manager

Technical maestro Rabbi Islam Soikot serves as our meticulous Account & QC Manager. He manages and maintains client accounts, ensuring customer satisfaction and adherence to objectives. Rabbi is instrumental in preparing sales contracts and building enduring customer relationships, while also upholding our rigorous quality control standards for lead generation processes and data. He handles everything tech in Ringba - from setting up targets and publishers to issuing DIDs. Plus, he's our call quality guru, making sure every call's on point by listening to recordings.

Hasibul Hossain Ador

Account & QC Manager

Hasibul Hossain Ador, the second member of our dynamic QC manager duo, specializes in client satisfaction and contract management. His seamless collaboration with Rabbi Islam Soikot ensures our campaigns consistently exceed expectations while maintaining rigorous quality control standards. He is also a true master of using Ringba to track calls and create real-time reports. Ador's precision and dedication underpin our success.

Shuvonkor Pramanik

Web Designer

Shuvonkor Pramanik, our creative Web Designer, plays a pivotal role in shaping our online presence. He designs visually appealing, user-friendly websites that fuel our lead generation efforts. Collaborating seamlessly with the development team, Shuvonkor transforms design ideas into an interactive user experience that resonates with our target audience.

Nahidul Islam Nihal

Digital Media Buyer

Nahidul Islam Nihal is our Digital Media Buyer, an expert in Google and Facebook ads. He excels in generating leads through online advertising channels, especially social media. His strategies are tailored to identify target audiences and optimize ad campaigns for maximum ROI. Nihal's constant monitoring and data-driven decisions ensure our campaigns remain at the forefront of industry trends, enhancing our reach and impact.

Khandoker Shafiqul Islam

Outbound Agent

Khandoker Shafiqul Islam, another valuable member of our Outbound Agent team, is dedicated to providing top-tier customer service through inbound and outbound calls. He contributes significantly to the satisfaction of DOPPCALL's clients and the success of our lead generation efforts, using the latest tools and techniques to maximize efficiency.

Iftiak Hossain Khan

Social Media & Team Support

Iftiak Hossain skillfully manages DOPPCALL Affiliate Network's presence across social platforms like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Pinterest, and YouTube. His approach combines platform-specific strategies with a deep understanding of audience engagement, ensuring our content resonates effectively. Additionally, Iftiak contributes his graphic and brand design expertise, enhancing our visual storytelling and reinforcing our brand identity online.

Sohel Rana

Office Assistant

Sohel Rana provides indispensable administrative support to our executive team at DOPPCALL. He ensures the smooth flow of daily operations, including scheduling, document preparation, and expense management. Sohel's unwavering dedication and employee management skills help us maintain excellence in every sphere of DOPPCALL's operation.